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I’ve long been a fan of handwriting fonts and cursive type. I love the character and personality they bring to a brand, and this trend for hand lettering is just blowing my mind. I LOVE it!

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started" - Jasmine Dowling Typography .Guess we better actually get out of bed and to the gym then!

While you might be busy planning on what you "think" and "hope" is going to happen if you get too caught up in your plan of action you might miss out on some great moments. They say the best moments in life are those moments that are always unplanned. It's important to have a plan but it's just as important to leave a little room in that plan for some magic to happen by bellangia

So how to plan without over planning ? Leave room for the spontaneous as well.


All I'll ever need for the rest of my life. You're perfect for me and I'm so happy you're willing to stay by my side for as long as we live and beyond then

Learning what those things are and letting them go is key.

Don't sweat the small stuff! Pick your battles, and don't fight with your partner over the little things.

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Quotes About Wisdom: ...

Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate - Inspirational Life Quotes

DIY TRAVEL MEMENTO BOXES | a pair & a spare | Bloglovin

DIY TRAVEL MEMENTO BOXES (a pair & a spare)

Yes, they do!

One of my favorite parts of styling is finding the perfect pair of shoes to complete an outfit. Shoes can make or break how you feel and your comfort level. And a good pair of shoes takes you to good places!

Wake up and smell the inspiration

Can you smell the inspiration? It is said that when we wake up in the morning, those first moments are the most crucial to set the tone for our day.