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I love the people who take the time to put these together, thank you>>>the queer whisperer 😂❤ my favourite

Pinned mostly for the last one... What kind of fucking computer errors are you getting?

"Did you major in booty math?" "The penguins have the TARDIS.

Every time I read it I laugh a little bit harder and I don't know why

"I passed my history test because I remembered this post on a question about…

We finally won!

Our time has come // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - THIS IS HILARIOUS!

"Nope" this is one of my favourite ideas for an anime that I have seen

"Nope". Would watch the hell out of that

Oh my gosh this is too beautiful XD << I don't watch anime but I would definitly watch this.

I can relate to the last one though…one time I turned my paper sideways and was wondering why it wasn't rotating.

haha i like the shrimp one and happy removal day you tumour baby

Some of these are good, some are bad, but saving for the good lol

Long Tumblr post, but it's very funny