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Kiss Me Slowly

Luke Hemmings & Michael Clifford cuddles muke clemmings 5 seconds of summer, dem feels. Michael get off your phone you ruined the moment!

Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford Luke's like do I look cute and michael's like what are you doing?

5 Seconds Of Summer on

Luke Hemmings Michael Clifford 5 Seconds of Summer lAre we not gonna talk about how Luke is perfectly demonstrating the height difference between Luke hemmings and the rest of the world?

#Imagine you and Luke on the phone. "Y/N, I feel like I should tell you something." "W-what?" "Well, I adopted a baby, and it's too late." "WHAT-" "Listen, I'll send you a picture of the angel right now. Please, he's your kid too." He hung up and you sighed. You were on the brink of tears, you were too young to start a family! Suddenly you get a snap chat with this photo....

Imagine you and Luke on the phone. And you get a snap chat with this photo.

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5 Seconds of Summer perform ‘What I like About You’ from their upcoming live album at the 2014 AMA’s.