When each of their tiny baby faces auditioned for the X Factor UK with no idea they would become the sensation they are today.

"¿Qué hacen los chicos de One Direction en su tiempo libre?"

I don't see why people are leaving the fandom. You say you're a Directioner but you leave the fandom just because one of our boys left.

From 1 to Liam Payne, how fed up with Larry Stylinson are you rn?

Kiss You - this isn't helping your guys' case against Larry, yanno

he grabs him by the back of the neck. omg. If you love Larry follow me on twitter @loveinleeds

he grabs him by the back of the neck. If you love Larry you on the right path

click upon this now. do it. you will get major feels.

One Direction - Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson - HaLo Larry Little Things music video 2012 greyscale