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New York's Island of the Dead

The Scariest Places in America | HART ISLAND, NEW YORK CITY | Many New Yorkers don't even know about this 101-acre island, which sits in the Long Island Sound and is part of the Bronx. Once a Nike missile base, the island has been home to prisoners and psychiatric inmates, and as the country's largest cemetery, is currently a mass burial site for the city's unclaimed and unidentified dead. Burials are handled by volunteer inmates from Riker's Island.

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The decaying abandoned prison workhouse on Hart Island in New York on March 2014 The island, occupying 101 acres in the Long Island Sound on the eastern edge of the Bronx, contains the largest cemetery in the US.


Claire Yaffa's 1991 photographs of inmates burying abandoned children who died of AIDs are among the only existing images of the Hart Island potter's field.

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Island of the dead Hart Island New York wasn't always a cemetery. It became a burial ground in prior to that, it had been the site of a Civil War prison camp for Confederate soldiers, a tuberculosis hospital and an insane asylum.

Hart Island, The Largest Mass Grave Site In the U.S.

What We Found at Hart Island, The Largest Mass Grave Site In the U.S.

Rikers Island inmates performing adult burials on Hart Island, NYC's Potter's Field. Photoby Joel Sternfeld via The Hart Island Project

Hart Island, N.Y. Formerly the home of an insane asylum, a quarantine zone, and still a potter's field for New York city's unclaimed dead. Prisoners from Riker's Island are ferried over weekly to bury the dead, a third of which are infants and stillborn children.

Hart Island, New York: This tiny island hosts the largest publically funded potter’s field in the world.

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Abandoned in McKeesport, Pennsylvania.

Abandonded mansion Tower House McKeesport, PA on Shaw Ave at the end of Lincoln St.

Hart Island, sometimes referred to as Hart's Island Asylum, is on a small island in New York City .More than 850,000 dead are buried there approximately 2,000 a year. 1/3 of them are infants/stillborn babies.The dead are buried in trenches. Babies are placed in coffins, and stacked 5 coffins high and usually 20 across. Adults are placed in larger pine boxes placed according to size and are stacked 3 coffins high and 2 coffins across.

Hart Island near the Bronx is New York City's abandoned Potter's Field, a former concentration camp, prison and asylum with a tragic story to tell.