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templeofapelles: Blasphemophagher - The III Command of the Absolute Chaos Paolo Girardi

Paolo Girardi - HOODED MENACE / ALGOMA split 12" ,out on 12/2016 (Doomentia Records)

Hooded Menace artwork done by the master, Paolo Girardi. This painting was done at my house!

Paolo Girardi

Paolo Girardi is a contemporary artist of morbid apocalyptic scenery. His works are used for death and black metal artwork album covers .

Shimizu's Dream: A Vision of the Future [INFOGRAPHIC] Mile-high city-pyramids. A power-broadcasting solar ring on the Moon. Cities under the sea and cities atop it. Welcome to the world of Shimizu's Dream.

Image via http://metalonmetalblog.blogspot.com/

Paolo Girardi, Apocalyptic Renaissance

Essence of Datum Event Horizon, Image via http://imgur.com/gallery/bxvMS

Paolo Girardi, Apocalyptic Renaissance


"This is no evil, but the purest negative energy, true destruction and absolute chaos . an irony in its own existence, cause once the demon destroys the universe, it will eat itself to nothingnes.

The sinister artwork of Paolo Girardi - Album on Imgur

The sinister artwork of Paolo Girardi - Album on Imgur