Elegant cat tattoo :)

kallimao: Cattoo This is the finalized cat tattoo design for my friend Lindsay K. She decided that she wanted more of an abstract line art style, and this is the end result. I look forward to seeing this design tattooed upon her this weekend!

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Since ancient times cats have been a symbol of grace and poise. The word cat comes from the ancient Egyptian name "caute." In ancient Egypt, they had cat goddesses Isis and Ba'at, and were often de.

Tatuajes de gatos: Sutil

I would totally get this as a tattoo "ARTFINDER: Sleeping Cat Print by Kellas Campbell"

Cute kitty and butterfly

This is probably the first cat tattoo that doesn't look stupid to me. I want to get this for my cat, Bear, who recently died. He was my first cat and I miss him so much.