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I’m reasonably open-minded when it comes to piercings, but even I’ll admit my stomach turned slightly upon seeing this. This spectacular ‘lip window’ body modification is .

Patient Xiao Wei's severed hand is seen grafted to his ankle before reattachment surgery in Changsha, in China's Hunan province.

Chinese man's leg proves handy solution after arm severed. Xiao Wei's severed right hand seen attached to his ankle before the reattachment surgery at Xiangya Hospital in Changsha

Эти люди считают, что у них красивые брови

Eyebrows are a very important part of your face. So why would you do any of the things that these 20 people have done to their brows! Come on, people! If you need a stencil to put your makeup on, then you are definitely doing something wrong.

Splinter!  AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH  Florida's Finest Mugshots - Seriously. | See more about florida.

So wrong.but so funny! Florida's Finest Mugshots - Seriously, For Real? ~ yes for real. These people do exist!

Lustige Gästebuch Bilder - witziger_gaestebucheintrag_fuer_jappy_3.jpg - GB Pics

Lustige Gästebuch Bilder - witziger_gaestebucheintrag_fuer_jappy_3.jpg - GB Pics

Algumas mulheres que erraram muito fazendo as sobrancelhas.

What’s Wrong With Your Eyebrows Cuz?: I was looking on internet to how I shall houck up tonight when I seen this girl and I was like "What’s Wrong With Your Eye

This person has a double row of teeth. Lots of orthodonture and pulling teeth in their future.

Hyperdontia is the condition of having supernumerary teeth, or teeth which appear in addition to the regular number of teeth WTF - SHARK WEEK

DUDE...YOU'RE TRYING TO HARD...SERIOUSLY ugly tattoos | Check out our Gallery of Crazy Tattoos . You had enough bad tattoos ...

Rock n Roll Mustache - Worst Face Tattoos Ever Should have moron tattooed on there.

David Avner, a native American, has spent more than $200000 on plastic surgery to make himself look like a tiger, his totem animal. He even had all of his teeth removed and replaced them with feline-like ones, he has tattooed his face with stripes, he modified his upper lip and inserted stainless steel implants to insert whiskers in, he had his ears surgically pointed and inserted silicone in different areas of his face.

Do you like tattoos? What do you think about piercings? Have you got any piercing or tattoo? These people live for it. That's their style. People can recognize

Human Medical Oddity

Liu Ch’ung was a Chinese emperor that was featured in a episode of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” because he had two irises/pupils in each of his eyeballs.It’s basically a condition that is called “pupula duplex” — which means in Latin: “double pupil”.

Are They Really Putting Fake Nails On The Baby? - NoWayGirl

How To Put Fake Nail Extensions on Your Baby - No Way Girl - Parenting Fail ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail.So ignorant!

The new batman, coming to a theater near you.

Mens Halloween Costume Fail - What do you get if you cross Bad Santa and Bette Midler with Batman. Click Pic for 17 more.

Diamond Teeth I love bling but this is just stupid!

spitting diamonds (cuz nothing shows you have too much money than an ugly smile)

Fat lady with double chin has mouths for eyes and a mouth on her double chin. I don’t even really know how to describe this.

To the guy with "I typed "weird gif"". I raise you this.