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Polkupyörä, joka muistuttaa kivasti '65 Tunturi Sportia.

derringer cycle x restoration hardware - When weaving through the city streets, a regular bicycle is a great way to navigate the traffic; however, the Derringer Cycle x Restoration Hardwar.

Ottonero Cafe Racer: giugno 2014

Motopeds – Motoped Beach Cruiser w/ Rear & Surfboard Racks

Derringer Cycles :: D. McPherson.

Derringer Cycles – D. McPherson.

Created by renowned industrial designer Adrian Van Anz, each motorbike is meticulously appointed with unique components available at the owner's discretion.

LM CRUISER - MOTORIZED BICYCLE by Nagabhushan Hegde, via Behance

Motorized bicycle for urban commute.

I can c me riding along side the ocean now...

Bonneville Flyer, chassis number four - Page 7 - Motorized Bicycle Engine Kit Forum

Why do I like this so much?

As soon as there were internal combustion engines, someone was looking at his bicycle and wondering how to fit the two together. In recent years, there have been quite a few builders making kits to…

Derringer Cycles

Old mans bike

Vespa - I want this little pretty...

If I had to ride a scooter.Espresso Racer smallframe Vespa ~ Return of the Cafe Racers

Briton Bees Motocyclettes - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes

Briton Bees Motocyclettes

Briton Bees Motocyclettes - Pipeburn - Purveyors of Classic Motorcycles, Cafe Racers & Custom motorbikes. Great bike, can just see tooling around town on this--

Derringer Cycles -  Custom-Built Motorbike (Motorized Bicycle) - Gray with Brown Tires  and Sylver Tank - Railroad Photo

The Missing Link Between a Schwinn and a Ducati – Cool Custom Motorized Bicycles from Derringer Cycles

Derringer Cycles - Custom-Built Motorbike (Motorized Bicycle) - Gray with Brown Tires and Sylver Tank - Railroad Photo

Motoped Kit

Monte sua própria bike motorizada

Motoped Kit Helps You Build A Motorized Mountain Bike

The best old and vintage bikes. Get inspired in an industrial style. Take a look and get inspired.#vintage See more excellent decor tips here:http://www.pinterest.com/vintageinstyle/

Ridley vintage motorcycles at Srta.

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Derringer Cycle  Top speed: 35mph Engine type: 49.4cc air-cooled OHV pull-start single, 41.8mm x 36mm bore and stroke, 8:1 compression ratio, 2.1hp @ 7,800rpm (at countershaft) Transmission: Direct drive with 5:1 gear reduction, centrifugal mechanical clutch

California Cool: The Derringer Cycle - Classic American Motorcycles

California Cool: The Derringer Cycle - Motorcycle Classics

Lately I've been obsessed with these vintage style 1910 (+/-5 year) motorized bicycles.  I just love the look and want to have one.

I will be making a high performance motorized bike this year