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Extremely classical black and red patent leather holder with bright Swarovski crystals from Cango & Rinaldi.
This Italian handmade mobile phone cover is making your phone feel safe to serve you longer. This unique phone protector has just arrived and is one of the latest editions of mobile phone cases available. You can also wear it like a necklace with the string coming with.
Snake pattern phone bag from Cango & Rinaldi is handmade in Italy. This genuine leather mobile phone bag gives beautiful this to your outfit and excellent protection for your mobile phone. It is decorated with bright Swarovski crystals.
White patent leather Deluxe mobile phone case is very popular and elegant option. Swarovski crystals complete the beauty.
Red patent leather openable iPhone5 case from Cango & Rinaldi gives beautiful home for your iPhone5. This genuine red patent leather iPhone5 case has openable front cover which can be folded back while you use your iPhone5. This beautiful red patent leather mobile phone case is decorated with bright Swarovski crystals and handmade in Italy.
Genuine beige leather Cango & Rinaldi phone holder is decorated with large figures and golden color Swarovski crystals. Genuine beige leather is newish and popular color in Cango & Rinaldi phone holders with golden color Swarovski crystals. This phone holder is suitable with many different phones so could be perfect for you as well.
Standard mobile phone bag with Swarovski crystals for your iPhone 4 and 4S. This black leather case with white crystals fits also few other models than just iPhone.
Cango & Rinaldi brown patent leather iPhone4S holder has openable front cover which turns all the way back and makes using the phone very comfortable. Hidden magnet keeps the front cover up so it will not be flopping to your face or anywhere when using your iPhone.
White mobile phone holder from Cango & Rinaldi is handmade in Italy. White patent leather is combined with golden color Swarovski crystals. Mobile phone case is suitable for many different models thanks to stretching string on the side.
In this model the leather is much softer than in many other models and that is why this Cango & Rinaldi genuine black leather mobile bag is very excellent choice. Since this Cango & Rinaldi mobile bag is suitable for many different phones, it could be the best choice for you.  Compatible with: - iPhone 4S, 4 and 3 - Nokia 700, Nokia N8, Nokia E72, Nokia E75, Nokia E63, Nokia E5, Nokia C5-00 5 MP, Nokia 3710 Fold and Nokia C3 - LG GT400 - and other similar size phones