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26 Extinct Candies From The 80's & 90's

I forgot about this....I had one when I was little, loved moving his arms and legs

OMG I remember having one of these every year! Mechanical Santa Pin Brooch Christmas Vintage - or we had Rudolph with his nose that lite up!


Swatch Guard - To "protect" your precious Swatch Watch!

lol i remember these!

My favorite cookies as a kid! And I always ask people if they remember them and they never do!

This is me.....

1979 to be exact, which is why that smashing pumpkins song is 1 of my fav. "Soma" used 2 put me 2 sleep every night of my 15 yr suicidal life back in the day. But yeah, the childhood rocked though

Peaches 'n Cream Barbie. One of my first Barbies - I still have the dress somewhere in a box. It was nice, peachy, and fluffy.

I loved my Peaches & Cream Barbie ! 18 Barbie Dolls From The And That Are Worth A Fortune Now

Friendship pins ~ we used to pin them on top of our shoelaces :-)

Used to do this all the time: Friendship pins on your tennis shoe laces.

Ceramic Christmas Tree from the '70's.  i still have mine & use it.

Does anyone remember their mom or grandma proudly displaying one of these beauties for Christmas? Was my favorite Christmas decoration! We had 3 of them that my mom did in her ceramics class!

Fisher Price stove lol

Vintage Fisher Price stove top with burners that turn red. Remember this?