Wang Wei is the beijing-based 35mm fashion photographer you need to follow on Instagram | Photography | HUNGER TV

Wang Wei is the beijing-based fashion photographer. Something you can consider is shooting with the intentions of making the images look like they were shot on a or camera. Consider shooting at different times of day (outside): sunrise and sunset.

Hell on High for TEETH ONLINE x TEETH MAGAZINE / Photographer / Stylist: Edie Chow Hair: Yoshiki Kirino Makeup: Chichi Saito @ Art adept for MAC Cosmetics Model: Jessica Timczyk @ IMG New York / Jacket  Trousers: Devon Halfnight Leflufy, Jewellery: Laruicci

Webber on

NYC based photographer and stylist Edie Chow finds the light and plays with shadows in "Hell On High" for Teeth Magazine Online.

This would be cool for my magazine front cover and I like the grainy look of the image as well as the contrast between the brightly coloured jumper and the simple background

Wear orange to support your sacral chakra and use essential oils like ylang ylang, sweet orange, rose, patchouli, and jasmine.

Rude girl

Need Supply "Human Being" Journal / Ph: Jason Lee Parry / Model: Teresa Oman Stylist: Imogene Barron / Makeup: Sandy Ganzer / Hair: Kristen Shaw Photos c/o Jason Lee Parry

Transcending place: Photography by Arielle Bobb-Willis | Photography | HUNGER TV

Photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis talks about being a creative in New York City. Read More about his insanely creative work on Majestigal