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moon dreams

tsunderhey: “ the sunset made the water look so pretty ”

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tinyhappykoala: “ boat trips are nice ”

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on our way to a better self

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I wish this was my eye color and I could write that in at the DMV, "iridescent opal" and my hair color could be just naturally pink. If you were a mermaid what color eyes and hair would you choose? Haha this is so third grade.

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Marine stars by Arpad Radoczy - Photo 24506195 /

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i want to live in the peaceful feeling you get underwater where everything sounds softer and the lights are all tinged blue and the world feels silky and light and surreal

gingermoons: “ The sunlight created strips of gold on the oceans surface.

Trust your heart if the seas catch fire.

What even is this I want very much

- ̗̀ saith my he A rt ̖́-

Choosing the path between the stars

catherine-the-great-tv: ““ SOPHIA tv series - the fate of the Byzantine Princess Sophia Palaiologina, the mysterious Byzantine princess who became the Grand Duchess of Grand Prince Ivan III of.

insta @arizuehl

insta @arizuehl


“do you prefer the ocean or the pool?

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- ̗̀ pinterest: mutualkisses ̖́-


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