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Bitch i will never get over myself... im the shit & i get better everyday.. but u bitch.. u should def get over me.

You Can Say What You Want I'm the Shit | Poster

Because of her creation of the stars, Varda was the dearest of the Valar to the elves, who called to her for aid from Middle-earth. The Valar are divine beings below a greater, more ultimate Creator, Ilúvatar. Thus some equate the Valar of Middle-earth with saints and angels; thus Varda, in her role as the most loved and prayed-to Vala, may be an equivalent of the Virgin Mary in Tolkien's own Catholic faith.
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triple goddess
[Triple Goddess  Maiden, Mother, Crone]    Happy Imbolc. May Brighid light your sacred fire towards your hearts desire!

visoka: The Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother and

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