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These ads stand as relics to a bygone era, one in which sexism as well as racism and other forms of intolerance were commonplace.

Wowwwwwwww. This actually exists. *facepalm*

Cigarette ad comparing them to thin and rich women. What happened to women that have curves and work hard for a paycheck?

BE SOMEBODY -- Doctors - Lawyers - Executives - Are Asking Us to SEND THEM SECRETARIES!  (Get top pay!)  My generation, kids -- the glass ceiling was set pretty low.

15 Unbelievably Sexist Adverts From The 1970s

My kind of mom!  I also got Anisette liquor for any dental work, or for just feeling existential angst....

Vintage cola advertisement by the Soda Pop Board of America: 'For a better start in life, start Cola earlier!' How things change!

Rice Krispies vintage ad.

Many vintage advertising agencies used colorware in their ads. Sometimes it is obvious that the dinnerware used was Fiesta or another fav.


First ever Wal-Mart ad, 1962 I did not know Walmart was born the same year I was! I'm older than Walmart by about 4 months.

Advertisements You Will Never See Again

Advertisements You Will Never See Again

Wives Circle The Appliance most sexist advertising extremely sexism sexist print ads of the Housewives chauvinism chauvinistic advertisements mad men don worst funny draper

Breville 1962

Breville 1962

A Snake Oil Liniment Bottle I believe what they called snake oil back then was actually cocaine

Ultimate Antique Quack Medicine Bottle SNAKE OIL LINIMENT. This is the original Real Thing- over 100 years old

Snake Oil Liniment Bottle oil - its clinical benefit is questionable quality, been commonly recommended by fake doctors as a miraculous remedy.

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