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Bombing for Peace is like fucking for virginity - anti-war Protest sign

Intersectionality: not that hard to understand.

The dA-Zed guide to feminist activism

Black and White women protest gay student Equality feminist feminism black power mike brown ferguson student power women power Gay Power black lives matter eric garner gaysp

No. I can't either. This is basic human rights, and we're still arguing? Gag. From Kayeller.tumblr.com

kemetic-dreams: “Continuing Racism Lead South Africans To Doubt Mandela’s Vision European settler in South Africa posing with unidentified African child AFRICANGLOBE– Early one weekend morning, just.

Even though I’m educated in how the media distorts our image of beauty I still feel compelled to comply to an impossible body type


Woman "Not Your Bitch" sign feminist art photo women's liberation woman's lib resistance divorce gift funny vintage photography

Inspiration 2 : Labels are for clothes not for human

I think most people identify homosexuals as only being "GAY" but people shouldn't have labels.I really don't like labels. I mean who cares if you're straight, gay, whatever there's just really no point to them. LABELS ARE FOR CLOTHES!

It's never not the time

sorry for the inconvenience we are trying to change the world, social change revolution activism

Feminism back by popular demand.

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I wanna see this movie! #stevethebabysitter

I think Dustin is so attached to Steve, bcuz Steve is the only fatherly/brotherly figure he has. Dustin only has his mom and his cat in his house.well, forget the last one

and there you have it

40 Cool Typography Based Quotes

inspirational quotes ignore the naughty word, instead focus on the idea. I agree. the hardest moments of my life have inspired me to be a better person and