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Fresh Fruit Tart

Fresh fruit tart

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Here is one of my favorite summer desserts to make. Not only is it visually striking but with each bite you will experience a mouthful of crumbly crust, rich silky pastry cream, and juicy ripe frui…

Fruit Pizza I Heart Nap Time | I Heart Nap Time - Easy recipes, DIY crafts, Homemaking

Fruit Pizza

Fong's Kitchen Journal: Mixed Fruit Tarts & Happy Teachers' Day

I was baking several batches of mixed fruit tarts. The custard fillings prepared for the batches vary in terms of amount o.

Fresh Fruit Tart

Fresh Fruit Tart

Fresh Fruit Tart: "This was a huge hit. It tasted so refreshing, and we sat around the dining room table figuring out what other fruit combinations to use next time.

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Maybe an edible centerpiece for a wedding? Or at least definitely on the menu in a wedding buffet line! I want tons of fruit at my wedding!