A wave from Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch." Martin is SUPER sassy, and Ben is so genuinely happy to wave to his fans.

this makes me so happy

Indiana Jones / Han Solo, is a fan of that Sherlock Holmes thing. So sweet!

The first time watching this, I actually gasped...then violently exhaled...then laughed.


Murray-arty Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street. If you're cool, you've been on Sesame Street.

The moment we all wanted to be Molly. {gif} It's the beautiful hair ruffle.

I am standing next to my window and I keep waiting for this to happen to me.

I will never not love this gif<--the kiss of course, but seriously the whole thing. flip the collar then the hair thing he does! ugh kill me!

Are we infecting them?...or are they infecting us..?

A comparison of script readings for three series of Sherlock. For Series Martin will probably be sitting in Benedict's lap.

Ben & Martin hugging it out after THE Reichenbach Fall. If I was filming that, I would have needed a hug, too.

After the fall scene << No you don't understand this actually happened; Martin Freeman was so sad after filming the fall that he actually ran to Ben to comfort him.


They are laughing at us for falling for this fake scene! ~ No joke! They filmed a fake scene just to troll!

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sherlock | Tumblr