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Steven Universe Meme Garnet and Peridot "Your flight been cancelled" tan tan taaaan.

stevenuniverse, peridot, gravityfalls

stevenuniverse, peridot, gravityfalls <<< Of she wrote it, she would get frustrated and write "CLODS" all over the pages

i warned u about stairs bro

i warned u about stairs bro

i warned u about stairs bro>>> Did… did you just make a Homestuck reference?

For the Lapidot Tuesday prompt “Autumn. Lapis could just fly up there, but Peridot was being stubborn.

Gem Lions by RoyalNoir

Some non-undertale art c: &nbsp;is my favorite character from Steven Universe, and gem lion fusions is like my next favorite thing

16105918_683128481856857_8085742505902261238_n.png (465×480)

On a scale of Peridot, I'm about a I'm a solid 8 (honestly that face just whenever I look at it days, "Bitch.