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Too small for an umbrella by Giuseppe Bonali. Caterpillar on a mushroom


Magical little mushroom on the forest floor. I think this is the Fly Agaric. Poisonous until you boil it. Although it can give you trippy hallucinations.

**Woodland Mushroom, England

Stropharia Aeruginosa, commonly known as the verdigris agaric, is a medium-sized Woodland Mushroom, England

Forest lights dancing swirling & twirling around before dawn. It's like #Amalur #rekoning

Nature fact "hot pink glowing mushrooms" - not from Pandora, nor from Hadar, but right here on planet Earth ~:^)>

Red beautiful mushrooms..bt poisonous...

"Forest Snack" by quanitz on deviantART (Amanita Muscaria ~ Fly Agaric)-poisonous