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Duck and Horse Hybrid Animal Photoshop Has Science Gone Too Far? Visit for more Hybrid Animals!

(2012-03) Dolphin + horse = dorse?

Dolphin + horse = a dorse

Seagunny by ~mceric on deviantART

These Photo-manipulations creating new species are amazing and hysterical!

Funny - Silly horses -

I want a dorse



Swiraffe - Worth1000 Contests

Swiraffe - Worth1000 Contests

Catfish by ~mceric on deviantART

Catfish by mceric

fake animals

fake animals

I want one. I will name him Prickle. Hedgephant. | 21 Cute But Vaguely Unsettling Animal Mashups


21 Cute But Vaguely Unsettling Animal Mashups



(2016-02) Kat + and = kand?

Kat + and = kand?

Inspiration, alle Accessoires und eine Schmink-Anleitung, damit du dein Giraffe Kostüm selber machen kannst.

Giraffe Kostüm selber machen

Possible horse costume idea for fair

Animal Swap - Swap two different animals into one. Name it too.

tiger bunny, combining two of my fave animals jsut surface treatment

Koalowl by on @deviantART

Koarla+owl=koalowl from Abby Wright

26 Incredible Non-Real Hybrid Animals

Funniest Animals Photoshopped With Other Animals

Funny animal mash up


Orange peel frog anyone? This image is so well done that you could really believe that there is a peeled frog out there in some jungle!