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Aelin by pojainter.tumblr.com

*phew* The wonderful Aelin/Celaena from Throne of Glass Commissioned by who also came up with the awesome overall design for her hood and clothes etcc.

Резултат с изображение за acomaf fanart

(Not my art ) Feyre and her water wolves. Feyre Curse breaker, Defender of the Rainbow

Holy Cauldron!! YAAAS!!!

Annashoemaker:“I am High Lady of the Night Court” - WIP I just spent way more time on this sketch than I planned, but I don’t even care.

" ... they had let a fox into the chicken coop..."  AHHH this is finally finished   It was so much fun to paint - especially the incredible dress designed by Charlie Bowater <3 I spent...

I can upload this illustration - I had to make it size (tinyyyy) to be able to but we are here and its done :D “As if he knew that they had let a fox into a chicken coop - and he could do nothing" / Feyre with Tamlin in the Spring Court

#Queenofshadows #Nesrynfaliq (it's actually #LucienVanserra)

jp-designs: “ “Be glad of your human heart, Feyre. Pity those who don’t feel anything at all…” This . *sleeps* Dam you, Lucien… But I’m quite happy with how it came out -.

(top)rhys, (left top)azriel, (right top), cassian, (left bottom) mor, (right bottom) feyre and (bottom) amren

JoPainter on

pojainter: “Line-art done!) I mean, I have serious squad envy right now LOOK HOW COOL THEY ARE. Sarah is insanely talented at designing characters! I wanted to do an illustration of these characters that wasn’t about their sexual.