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“torso-less dorks ” lil’ thing i made bc i just love them so much ( full view pls

This is good fanart

- ̗̀♔ Pinterest: @Thania835 ♔ ̖́-

Luke Hemmings So beautiful😍

I love this!!

AND I DID AN ART COLLAB! I did the sketch and then she did the magic she does and colored it flawlessly as per usual. Her coloring skills are outta this planet.

1D Drawings ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring niall horan, one direction, drawings, & fillers and fillers

Okay this is actually quite perfect ~nialler

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I was laughing the whole time not to mention whn I remembered ashton in target oh gosh im giggling like a cow on drugs<<<< This FAM thou

5 seconds of summer animated | Tumblr

fan art this is really good

Leaving in the morning. Just wanted to make a pinterest to make my fans happy and they call me fake. But it's okay:-) I still love you guys anyways. Bye xx

Dat watermelon👌<<<< omg I'm dying I love Luke and just look at his eyes😍

Thanks Luke for the follow...you probs think I'm crazy by now....I kinda am...kinda...

Maisie on

foreign boys are always better than American boys.


Luke Hemmings for a Spanish magazine

Calum fanart

Calum fanart

Teen choice awards 2015. Omg flat haired Luke.

5 Seconds of Summer Bring 'She's Kinda Hot' to Teen Choice 2015 Stage - Watch Now!: Photo Calum Hood belts out while performing with 5 Seconds of Summer on stage at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards held at the Galen Center on Sunday (August in Los Angeles.

Me: "That's okay Lukey, you can come to bed with me. I got a double, there's plenty room... no but seriously get in my bed now..."<<< weirdo

Me: "That's okay Lukey, you can come to bed with me. I got a double, there's plenty room. no but seriously get in my bed now."<<< weirdo<<< I would say the same too

This is a good song and a sick pic but it makes it look like Luke is sad and he said he's not anymore so it's kinda sad

Lyrics to one of my absolute favorite 5 Seconds Of Summer songs (well actually one of my absolute favorite songs In general) >>> Jet Black Heart - 5 Seconds Of Summer

H O T !

Smart // Luke Hemmings - Chapter 29 // Office Party

luke:: I grin "Ashton! It's time!" I grin and start to get ready for the wedding

Luke looks so good. you could say he looks so perfect ugh I hate myself

id swear on the fact that luke is on a mission to kill everyone every single day.