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drugs-under-the-microscope-designboom03.jpg 818×585 pikseli

Sarah Schoenfeld, All You Can Feel (MDMA) Psychoactive Substances on Film Negatives.

Pale Ale - How does your favorite beverage look at a microscopic level?

Take a closer look at tonight's beverage

Alcohol under the microscope (Vodka)

vodka bevshot BevShot is a photograph of alcohol under a microscope. The naturally occurring colors are unaltered and represent the magnified crystalline structure of each concoction

Verschiede Drogen erklärt am Beispiel eines Baums on http://www.drlima.net

Verschiedene Drogen erklärt am Beispiel eines Baums

Dit visuele hoogstandje is gemaakt van melk, olieverf, honing en kaneel | The Creators Project

The Colors of Feelings de Thomas Blanchard ou l'épiphanie du petit déjeuner

"In the photo series “All you can feel,” artist Sarah Schönfeld visualizes various legal and illegal psychoactive substances by creating photographs from negatives that have been exposed to the subtances. To create each image, Schönfeld placed a drop of the substnace on to an exposed film negative and waited for it to react with the film. She then made a large format print from each negative, revealing the bizarre, often beautiful effect of the substances."

All You Can Feel, Photos Made by Placing Psychoactive Substances Directly on Film Negatives

Sarah Schoenfeld squeezed drops of various liquid drug mixtures onto negative film which had already been exposed. Each drop altered the coating of the fil

Bourbon - Bevshots are photographs of alcohol under a microscope. These high-quality photographs of your favorite beers, wines, cocktails, liquors, and mixers were taken after they were crystallized on a slide and shot under a polarized light microscope. As the light refracts through the beverage crystals, the resulting photos feature naturally magnificent colors and composition.

The perfect blend of art and science, this high-quality photograph features how Bourbon looks when it is crystallized under a microscope. As the light refracts throug.

The 4 Best Ways To Create Stunning Art By Destroying Film Negatives | The Creators Project

The 4 Best Ways To Create Stunning Art By Destroying Film Negatives

Chicago-based photographer Peter Hoffman, we must say, has a pretty cool Fox River Derivatives series, where he takes developed negatives of the river near