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I'm sorryyyy

Tom Felton, probably the only kid that ever hugged Voldemort. (Draco Malfoy)Lol and read the rest I started to cry!

Hp vs twilight

OMG I read this and made the exact same face in the last picture but didn't actually see the last picture until I read it again. I feel wonderful :D << lol this is funny but molly is ery over protective, so saving Ginny was a part too

Harry Potter

Actually, we Potterheads know this is not Professor McGonagall because this cat does not have the markings around the eyes that resemble her spectacles. Also as if it's perfectly normal for a cat to be reading a book

I just love this ♥

"Here, look at this one -- this is a photo taken the day the boys met. They were taking a little walk together to get to know one another. Well, that just hit me in the heart.

Oh my gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pardon the language but.that is epic. Please please please let that be real.


Tom Felton is SO BEHIND THIS IDEA (and Tonks is all "Haven't you people HEARD of A Very Potter Musical? Oh my wizard God. Chloe wants a musical about Eves side of life.


Every time I think of Narcissa lying to Voldemort about Harry being dead. Mother's love is a powerful thing