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ELISHAT is a Protective Deity of the City of Qart-hadasht ("New City", more familiarly known by its Roman name Carthage). She is usually said to be the Deified founding Queen of that city. She goes by the name DIDO, a Moon Goddess.

beauté encore

Sudan - A Nuba from Kau with his painted face mask. Featured in the 1976 publication: People of Kau by Leni Riefenstahl.

Looks like a character with fantastic powers. I'll have to create them

Another beautiful face portrait - Fashion - Editorial - Black and White - Photography - Pose Idea


This is one of the beautiful things I love about New Zealand. An older Maori man wearing a business suit with a purple tie has his long hair up and has traditional facial tattoos covering from his temples down.

color and contrast

The contrast here really draws your eyes to her lips, which are a soft blue as opposed to the bright orange and pink of the feathers.

Hans Silvester.  Silvester's recent work features the Surma and Mursi people of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia, presenting the beauty of the tribes' ancient tradition of temporary body decoration. His photographs reveal the use of bright mineral paints to embellish the skin and the use of flora and fauna to fashion spectacular headpieces and body accessories. His commitment to the documentation and preservation of relatively unfamiliar earthly marvels is visible in these photographs…

These are from a book by photographer, Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion, Tribal Decoration from Africa. Published by Thames & Hudson. They are from the Surma and Musi tribes of the Omo Valley in East Africa.

Patricia Akello trägt eine Halskette der ugandischen Marke Halisi. 2015 © Per-Anders Pettersson

The South Africa-based Ugandan model Patricia Akello wears a necklace by the Ugandan label Halisi, 2015 - La naciente alta costura africana -