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Virgo, bet on it!

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Me and you Aries ♈ ♎ 😊

Classic man squad

Classic man, grumpy and nerd squad

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And thin mints. They forgot that part.

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The Legend of Zelda.

Most to least likely to display their affection in public  #Zodiac

I'm not certain what it is, but I have always been extremely reclusive in areas involved with emotions.


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I'm not harsh usually,but I guess I'm just holding myself back in these situations.

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The other day I missed Mushu so much that I rewatched Mulan just to see him 😝 ♒️

Zodiac Chic

Virgo fact from ZodiacChic.

·°❈ pin; humandaze ❈°·

Partners in crime zodiac

Me. Lmao! #TeamCancer

Me. Lmao! #TeamCancer

Virgo - Virgo isn't one to take needless chances. Virgo is careful about their decisions.

Image via We Heart It #zodiac  I always say breathe in, breathe out when something goes wrong! That's so weird!

"I wanna punch someone out " that sounds right I thought I was cancer but I'm Aries so sound correct

Hahaha I know a guy gemini that's a fuck boy and a guy Pisces that is so sweet

Well damn, good to know 😂😭