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I am so sorry! I don't believe that these things work, but I figured, why not? Cuz that's just how weird I am


IT WORKS! I'M SCARED!>>>>> guys it actually worked!<---------------- It worked because when you read the word "yawn" you yawn.

Hurry repost

Now hurry repost this within I minute or it will become the complete opposite

You are now aware...hahaha! Hypnosis..?

Funny pictures about You Are Aware Of Your Body Now. Oh, and cool pics about You Are Aware Of Your Body Now. Also, You Are Aware Of Your Body Now photos.

Well you know how the post says something good will happend to you between 12 am…

This is stupid and I don't believe in bad luck but I do believe in good luck

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I did it I typed this whole sentence with my left pinky it is taking a while