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#Art  Alik Assatrian. Armenia

#Art Alik Assatrian. Armenia

Painting of old guy with cat. Obvs.

The catalogue and on-line shop of modern Russian fine and decorative arts.

blobhouse bunnies

Bunny Sculptures

Gesine Kratzner of Blobhouse makes their bunny sculpture from a combination of epoxy and polymer clays. The whimsical, humorous bunnies here are a perfect tweak on classic cutesy Easter bunnies as …

ARTE PARA NIÑOS: piedras que dejan huellas (Isidro Ferrer). | RZ100 Cuentos de boca

An appliquation for stone art! Example: Stone illustrations by Isidro Ferrer

Children's wooden clothes hanger - Girl with orange hair. These would be cute to hang their clothes they are wearing the next day on.

Children's wooden clothes hanger - Girl with orange hair, by Red Hang Gang via Folksy,