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Wanted for service.. An animal test subject

An animal test subject

Sheep Art, Animal Photography, Sheep Photograph, Animal Art Print, Black & White Photography Wall Art, Wall Decor Fine Art Photography Print. $25.00, via Etsy.

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What does the Mongoose say?...............                 FUCK SNAKES!!!!!

What does the Mongoose say?............... FUCK SNAKES!!!!!

pitbulls are just about the nicest dogs there are!

Why It's Ridiculous People Still Think Pit Bulls Are Inherently Mean (INFOGRAPHIC) Get your facts straight people. They are so sweet!

Teilt dieses Bild als Zeichen gegen Tierquälerei und um zu unterstreichen, dass Pelz nicht in eine fortschrittliche Gesellschaft gehört!

That's how a fox dies for a fur coat :( Please stop it! Say no to fur!



We are NOT their superiors.   RT if you agree with @RickyGervais! #BeKind #WeAreAllEarthlings


Ricky Gervais is a British comedian and actor. He has also written, directed, and produced television series in his home country and has won several awards .

PLEASE SIGN and SHARE this important petition! Asking the EPA to Halt Plans For Unnecessary Chemical Testing on Animals. Approx 80,000 animals will be used for testing! PLEASE CRY OUT for them today!!! Thank You!

Sign the Petition: Baby Monkeys to be Tortured and Killed for Sadistic "Study" - Protect Them!

I <3 Animalia

I <3 Animalia

* * FOX: " De onlys thing worse than bein' on a fox farm, be dyin' on ones. Dey killz us fer our coats - gas, strangulation, electrocution.... and worse. Dey notz particular. De celebs must haz der ' fur '. Must runs along nowz."

Canadian Marble Fox

Funny pictures about Canadian Marble Fox. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian Marble Fox. Also, Canadian Marble Fox photos.


I love how gentle cows are.it makes me sad how people think they are dumb and how disregarded they are

best images, photos and pictures about shiba inu puppies - oldest dog breeds

(17+) Oldest Dog Breed in The World (EXOTIC INSIDE)

love this color shiba inu. What a cutie! That's a puppy SMILE if I've ever seen one!

If we can live well without causing harm, why wouldn't we do it?  Learn more http://www.farmsanctuary.org/learn/factory-farming/dairy/

Pro vegan: Saffron the cow. A man is truly ethical only when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives.