I'm a huge Nouis fan.and now they were at SoccerAid and I watched it till the end

Whoa whoa whoa---what the heck is Harry WEARING in the third picture from the top?!?!?!?!?! It's not that he doesn't look hot in it (he looks about 900 degrees hawtttt) but he never, ever wears stuff like that. You know, the brightly colored tank top with a little pocket. Beach bum clothes. He's more of a hipster. But don't get me wrong; he looks smokin' in it!!!

K am I the only one who like can handle how beautiful Harry looks in that tank top like literally it complements his skin tone so well lol and he is usually perfect don't get me wrong like duh haven't u seen him but like dang dat tank top doe 😍

This is exactly how I would react to meeting Harry and he will hopefully laugh and then I pull it together And then he will kiss me!

I love how this little girl is trying to breathe and clam down at the fact that she just met Harry Styles and Harry is probably thinking only my presence did that to this little girl

Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan | Soccer Aid 6.5.16 | @emrosefeld |

Niall and Louis meeting at he Soccer Aid and are hugging and laughing