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The sickle-clawed feet of Dromaeosaurus, western USA, and Alberta, Canada, MYA. Artwork by Esther van Hulsen.

ArtStation - Velociraptor, Tibor Kéri

Velociraptor Sculpted in Zbrush Rendered in Keyshot Painted version coming soon

Por Mark "Crash" McCreery Raptors pencil drawing - Prehistoric artwork.

Concept design by Mark "Crash" McCreery Lead concept designer, Jurassic Park I found this image while I was browsing a JP forum, and I'm posting it here. The Three Little Raptors - Jurassic Park

Amazing sauropod line up

Largest Animals Through the Ages

Paleo-King Featured on The Paleo King [link] and SV-POW [link] - it's the Big Bad Brachiosaur Parade! The fourteen best-known brachiosaur genera a. The Brachiosaur Parade

Quick marker illustration of an Albertosaur done at Toronto FanExpo 2008. | Mark Rehkopf

Dinosaur sketch 09 by adventurevisual on deviantART. Please take a moment to click this image and visit the artist's DeviantArt page to comment directly with the artist and see more of their works.