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Chestnut soup with tapioca pearls; Squash, green cabbage and Roquefort buckwheat pancakes;

HAM & GRUYERE BUCKWHEAT CREPE (GALETTE COMPLETE) ~~~ recipe gateway: this post's link AND [France, Brittany] [chocolateandzucchini] [strawberryplum]

Galette complete, from my region, Brittany! (ham and gruyere buckwheat crepe). To have with some cider.

Cabbage chips are the new kale chips, especially when sprinkled with toasted caraway and dipped in dill yogurt.

Caraway Cabbage Chips With Dill Yogurt “Cabbage is my new favorite vegetable chip—especially sprinkled with toasted caraway and dipped in yogurt.

‘Milky’ Roast chicken

Milky chicken & butternut squash pancakes

Not your typical sandwich, and it sounds and looks yummy!  Buckwheat Pancakes with Spinach, Ricotta and Pine Nuts, Sour Cream and Hot Sauce.

Katie At Buckwheat Pancakes

What Katie Ate. Buckwheat pancakes with spinach, ricotta, pine nuts, sour cream, hot sauce.

This is a simply gorgeous ratatouille-like dish that is equally good served on its own or as a side dish with fish or meat. It's a reminder that the outcome depends not only on the ingredients we put into a dish but also how we use them. (From A Kitchen in France)

Loving this recipe “Vegetable Tian” by Mimi Thorisson from Giada's digital weekly!

Les galettes saucisse sont une utilisation parmi les plus connues des galettes de sarrasin, un des classiques disponible dans toutes les bonnes crêperies, mais facilement réalisable à la maison.

Galettes saucisse

Sausage buckwheat pancakes: This sausage pancake recipe is one of the better-known ways of using buckwheat pancakes. You will find it on the menu of all good French crêperies, but it is easy to make at home.