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Dont let the eyeliner and perfume fool you, She can go from makeup to mud in 3 seconds flat Country girl

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Funny pictures about Scared Prius. Oh, and cool pics about Scared Prius. Also, Scared Prius.

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What to Wear to a Bonfire

I would rather sit on the tailgate of a pick up truck and watch a bonfire, than go to the mall any day. Ney You and I :)

For when some asshole that's texting rear ends you!

This is true! Cars can hit the hitch on your truck and it totally damage their car and not even a scratch on the truck! This is so true l, especially for a Ford

girls with guns quotes - Google Search

If live, love, laugh doesn't work; then raise, aim, shoot. I usually just skip straight to the shooting


Country Girl Quote: I like my trucks lifted, my boys strong, and my boots muddy. I like my nights starry, my days sunny, and my life country.

Most of us have seen the awesome pics of trucks with camo dashboards like this one clad in Realtree camo: Have you ever wondered how to get it done? It’s called Camo dipping – and you can do it to truck interiors and exteriors, bikes, rims, ATVs, guns and a lot more. A company out …

Realtree Camo Truck Interior < ever wonder how it's done? design Interiors Smith gmc or Chevy tho


Find that country boy that's gonna treat you right, not like your worthless and leave you hanging after leading you on for awhile. FIND THAT KINDA COUNTRY BOY, GIRLS

cowgirl style & attitude  @Lindsay Burton this is Briggsy

little sass ;) nice quote for a lil sassy mini person i know Boots & Class. that's what cowgirls are made of. need a pick like that for the book of course. so many ideas and only the lack of .

My perfect man

I don't need NO prince charming in a limo, All I need is a redneck Romeo in a 4 by 4 pickup. That's what I want in a guy

So  true...

Ya just recently my brother was bitchin cause I got caught out in the rain with his four wheeler an got a little mud on it 😂