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Existe el día del hermano? porque sino deberían de creearlo

The big three siblings. Jason and Thalia, Tyson and Percy, Hazel and Nico. I can also see Bianca in the bottom one as well!

Draw your OCs Like this   Someone make solangelo with this please, with jason slapping nico’s hand :3

Draw your OC can you draw Thalia slapping Annabeth's hand while her and Percy kiss and Grover slapping on Percy's hand while him and Annabeth kiss!

50s Percabeth<<<it's so cute!

~A greaser and a soc. "~ ~"Can you see the ocean real well from NYC?"~<----OH MY GALLIFREY. I can't change a thing about that comment.Percy and Soc!Annabeth is all I need and I never knew it.


Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson with their kids. A Percabeth family !<<< LOL Percy has a beard.>>>Omg that guy is propably the sexiest, sassiest and smartest guy on earth.>>>Their daughter looks like Silena.>>> their son is hot as hell

Silena and beckendorf

Silena and beckendorf. I am currently reading the last Olympian for the second time and this makes me want to sob