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Slipoveri, takki, lippalakki ja laukku

Men's Moleskin Blazer from Lands' End Canvas.get rid of the scarf and the hat and it looks great.

a shirt, a sweater and a shearling coat

Now that is a man ready for winter! Layering, a real coat (not a hoodie or some college pullover), sweater, leather gloves, and a hat that doesn't scream that he's about to work out or that he's about to go skateboarding with his buddies.

Casual groom attire with jeans

Essi K. & Essi P.

Live this ❤️ casual groom attire. vest and jeans. I like the idea of a groom being casual


カーゴパンツ メンズ 着こなし特集

Love men with good beards. Sweet head hair is nice, but not high on the list. Throw in some chest hair and I'm in love.

Cardigan and tie is always a win

Example of Men's Contemporary Business Casual. The cardigan is a great replacement for the suit jacket sometimes to dress the outfit down.