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A splendid old amulet coming from Rajasthan (INDIA) with 3 portraits of three men of importance dating probably from early century .in between 2 pendents in form of fish with small grelots up a

The necklace of talismans.

Moroccan talismans: and a tale of tribal jewels

This splendid piece from the Rif region in Morocco has always been one of my favourites among the many pieces of ethnic adornment which Sarah Corbett has posted. It is currently one of many illustrations in her article on the fibula which has just appeared in *Ethnic Jewels Magazine*. See link http://ethnicjewelsmagazine.com/the-fibula-by-sarah-corbett/.

A set of silver Amazigh Fibula from Nador in the Rif region in Northern Morocco. Fibulas are 'Moulee' and hallmarked. x Chains are coin embellished and 14 cm long The central silver cabachon is set with a coral bead and 10 x 18 cm total weight Price

Rajasthan, India- I love traditional jewellery

Rajasthan old silver amulet necklace, hindu jewelry, ethnic jewelry, necklace from India - jewellery from Rajasthan, tribal jewellery


AUD 550 A fabulous old large heart shaped silver pendant from Rajasthan India is surrounded with old African copal amber trade beads with Bali silver beads & clasp. Very regal yet has a wonderful contemporary feel.

Yemen | Maria Theresa Thaler Pendant with antique Mediterranean coral and silver | ©Veronica Wainstein.

Maria Theresa Thaler pendant with antique Mediterranean coral and silver. From Yemen, c.

Silver, coral, Yemen  Description    This early 20th century necklace in silver and coral  is a part which  pays really homage to the female throats because it is openwork on the skin , light and really very feminine. Each Yemeni family has her own design for the silver main elements .This necklace considering its dimensions, is appropriate to all women…  Weight:237,1gr

Silver, coral, Yemen Description This early century necklace in silver…