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This was actually a satirical essay by Jonathan Swift, I believe<<<<Absolutely it was, lmao I love classy puns

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I'm bi, can't cook well, wear jeans and combat boots every day, my bra straps show, i have IDEAS


Is it juicy is it scrumptious gollum grocery store little brother stocking dairy

And then add "we'll find out soon enough."

Finally, something else to annoy my friends when they ask me about my day.


I wonder how they got this statistic. If you asked the teenagers themselves, they MIGHT not have been totally truthful.

If someone did this I would DEFINITELY date them

I also think that would work on me. Nope I'm positive now this would definitely work on me.

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police cops firemen firestation pokemon go pokémon hilarious what the fuck library

It's actually a verb. Seeing as how an adjective describes a noun. . .

When the laws of grammar weren’t enough to get in the way of a meaningful text post. 21 Of The Most Facepalm Things That Ever Happened

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