I feel like someone needs to make this an actual perfume or something

Smell like cake frosting, blue-raspberry slushes, and a hint of popcorn.

I'm pretty sure this is a reference to the Bible... Previous comment- "I'm pretty sure that this based off the headcanon that candy red is a lime mutation, and the lime bloods were killed off because  they were amazing morails to the high bloods who wanted to be violent."

tubbsen: Anonymous asked you: Biblestuck- shoosh pap the ocean (when Jesus calms the sea)! I hope this isn’t the thousandth time you’ve heard that. The Sufferer Calms the Storm Lost my shit at this suggestion. You are an Anon after my own heart.

Davekat by Yummytomatoes on Tumblr

Homestuck - Dave Strider x Karkat Vantas - DaveKat


awesome hero of sweethearts by Socks-and-Notebooks on DeviantArt

dad day by on @deviantART // LOUD SQUEEING

So i have this headcanon. The higher the blood, the more dominance the troll. The dominant troll places itself as "male" (This makes karkat "mother" and terezi "vather")

XD I'm dying! 2p!Hetalia and Homestuck Haitus Fandomstuck. It is so amazing that…

XD I'm dying! and Homestuck Haitus Fandomstuck. It is so amazing that this shipping personified fandoms, is actually a thing now. << IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A THING!