“Hands Tutorials for Those Who Hates Drawing Them” "Original can be found on Pixiv, (translated)

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A bird wing tutorial in a slightly simplified, cartoonistic, but still realistic style. And yes, the mentioned book is any learning artist's bible.

drawing feet tutorial by hannyschub

-Foot Tutorial- by odduckoasis, drawing feet tutorial, how to draw feet, art, drawing

hand tutorial - Buscar con Google

A collection of drawing tutorials and references focusing on the female body and hands. A great collection of resources for any artist!

How to Draw a Horse

Part 1 here, more technical: I made all these drawing from imagination. But I have been looking at horses for a long time and I look at t. Drawing Horses Tutorial - Part 2

Not realistic proportions but a great way to develop a style for drawing humans! - human Head Tutorial - How to draw eyes, the nose, the mouth - Drawing Reference