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doctor who mine bbc dw Billie Piper Rose Tyler ten Christopher Eccleston nine bbc america Russell T. Davies the doctor dances the empty child dwedit dw edit doctor who edit BBC Doctor Who Are you my mummy? this episode is frickin terrifying!

Seriously! That's why I liked Rose. She could handle herself when needed.

Setting Rose Loose << yes I've pinned the first part because it was a great picture, but I really agree more with the second

hahahahaha..I died!:

The Doctors as the MGM lion. Guys, this is way too funny. <--This is the best set of gifs I have ever seen in my life.

Doctor Who Cross-Stitch Pattern

Cover from DWM 417 with Matt Smith as the Doctor. New times, people. Transition time: The Doctor goes from David Tennant to Matt Smith an.

No we don't!

We all remember this guy's nifty brain hole from The Long Game, but do we remember his name?


Doctor cracks a joke

When there is a Doctor Who reference in Doctor Who. Haha i love how the doctor is making an inside joke with himself.


This always hurt. Not just with Rose or the Ponds, but with all of his companions.

Barty Crouch Jr is David Tennant!!!!!!! How could I miss that????????????????????

Doctor Who - Harry Potter Actor Crossovers. The first one is showing the wrong actor! Adrian Rawlins was the science ist in the episode. And they forgot John Hurt (Mr. Ollivander/War Doctor) and Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley/Rory's dad)

That's okay, I didn't need my heart ;^;

It also says “she won’t answer me”, “I know, I remember”, "In my dream she keeps walking away", and “Perfect Rose” repeated on the left. I don't know what it says above perfect Rose but it looks like "perfect love".

when whovians collide

When Whovians Collide

I solemnly swear that if I ever a Doctor Who symbol, phrase, or mark somewhere, I'll answer the call rather like that "random Whovian" did :) -I Love Fandoms

Eccleston, thou art a very special man :)

Nine, what are you doing? NINE, YOU ARE A TIME LORD, NOT A BUNNY RABBIT. <<~ nine don't listen to them. If you wanna be a bunny go be a bunny.<----"He's Time Lord." "Actually he's a bunny and he wants you to respect his life choices."<--- you do you nine

Doctor Who Problems #115 Ending every compliment with the phrase: "...for a human"


I do this all the time. Even before I watched Doctor Who. Doctor Who Problems 115