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"I like that when she got hung her up by her leg, instead of the typical upskirt scene, a dozen knives fell out and nearly embedded themselves into a man's skull.

Done by crimson-hybrid on deviantart.


RWBY volume 4 episode 4 spoilers raven and qrow, best episode of the season, I was glued to the screen, i gasped so much.

Neptune Vasilias is a character in the world of RWBY and a member of Team SSSN. His weapon of.

RWBY FAN: I had so much fun watching RWBY and I laughed so much! Then volume 3 happened. ME: same ... *sniffles* ... why ... *sobs* WHHHHYYYYYY????!!!!!!

rwby ruby rose assa 2 high resolution very high resolution large filesize assa~ brown hair cloak copyright name cross dress grey eyes lolita fashion looking at viewer pantyhose petals polearm rose petals scythe short hair smile solo weapon

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I really like this image. Raven trying to have some motherly contact with her daughter and Yang simply stops her dry. << Well Raven wasn't really a loving mother, so. Yeah, Yang does it absolutely for a readon