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animal_ears arm_ribbon bangs black_hair blake_belladonna bow cat_ears cat_girl closed_mouth eyelashes from_side h-y-d highres light_particles lips long_hair looking_at_viewer petals portrait ribbon rwby slit_pupils solo spoilers yellow_eyes

Throne of your victories

[RWBY] Adam Taurus by AikiYun ‘No, but they’ll listen to me.

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RWBY volume 5 poster the volume will have 14 episodes get ready!

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adam (rwby) black hair black legwear blake belladonna boots breasts character request garter belt garter straps gloves gun highleg highleg panties long hair machine pistol mask panties ponytail redhead ribbon rwby scarf sheath sheathed so-bin sw

rwby volume 4 | Tumblr

Read Blake from the story RWBY: Ruby x Oscar Soulmates by Enderwolfparty with 951 reads.

RWBY - Adam I REALLY wanted to see him in this season :(

Zerochan has 16 Adam Taurus anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, and many more in its gallery. Adam Taurus is a character from RWBY.