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For all their talk, Geminis are surprisingly shy. So true. Shy and introverted.

Don't think you're off the hook

It describes me entirely: Gemini has a soft heart and is quick to forgive. BUT is NOT stupid. So think twice before hurting a Gemini, first time may let it go, but there won't be a second time, al right?

Lol I do that all the time. I laugh at things from ages ago I remembered out of nowhere and start laughing...... and people look at me funny.

Don't be alarmed if you catch a Gemini laughing randomly or for no apparent reason.


I don't normally ascribe to the Gemini or other zodiac traits as meaning anything, but this happens to be true for me. I really have to watch myself.

That is very true. Except I know how all that knowledge got in my brain... aliens....

remembering conversations from 6 months ago. yeah its a curse. It's a FUCKING CURSE!

Gemini: based on this quote I am assuming punctuation skills are not necessary. You're...

Gemini that's so not true. Ooh hay look at the brite thing over there

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easily stressed out - Cancer here with Virgo rising (totally true for me btw)


Gemini’s are very independent people. They don’t like asking for favors or relying on others.

i NEVER forget. i forgive the instant i understand things but never once have i forgotten. to forget is to pretend it never happened and open one's self up to repeating the instance, and betrayal is the deepest wound to endure. trust is never easy.

Zodiac Mind - Gemini - Those born under the Gemini sign are very forgiving. However, as forgiving as they are, they won't forget.

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What it is do date a Gemini woman - agree with every thing minus the jealousy! Im not a jealous Gemini!