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Singapore artist Anton Tang has managed to breathe life into tiny cardboard people. These little people are called Danboard and are cute and

Anton Tang

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Lyn Agrume, Morning Walk in the Costa  Rica's Jungle!

My Photographic Project Of The Famous Danbo

This is my version of the famous Danbo photography project. He likes to hide in the landscape, thus, photographing him allows me to to see many things I wouldn't notice naturally.

I don't have a real Danbo (yet), unfortunately. Danbo loves you

i wanted to upload this photo without the collage this is a photo of the first time Eugene and Jessie got to meet! Eugene and Jessie, original

df0d5e75b88409cc88b52d5a697ed943.jpg (638×640)

df0d5e75b88409cc88b52d5a697ed943.jpg (638×640)