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BORO TEXTILES (JAPANESES TEXTILE)                           ...............PC

This is a marvelous, very heavily patched and mended boro work kimono, sometimes referred to as a nagagi

230 X Tadashi Morita | Over the Blue Horizon

230 X Tadashi Morita

Tadashi Morita Memory in Cloth Japanese Folk Textiles Boro Shibori Kasuri.

Indigo Boro Futon Cover - Each piece of the patchwork of fabrics tells its own story, possesses its own unspoken history.

Indigo Boro Futon Cover Wonderful sashiko stitching throughout, especially on the many small boro patches

Japanese Antique Textile Noragi Hemp Boro

Japanese Antique Textile Noragi Hemp Boro

amazing patchwork and character of boro #dreamindenim

Boro textiles were made in the late and early century by impoverished Japanese people from reused and recycled indigo-dyed, cotton rags.

an example of the intricate stitching used in Boro patching.

Japanese boro patching, can be as small as a postage stamp. (And apparently indigo dye was favoured as it doesn't catch fire?