Platform 9 3/4

I fully support this head canon. - Personally this is the only explanation other than ‘Molly asks her kids the platform number because it’s a tradition for when a new child starts Hogwarts’

I'm a Hufflepuff and pretty much the only people who don't laugh at me and say I'm from the stoner house are in Slytherin. Even some of my other Hufflepuff friends call it the stoner house.

That’s okay I didn’t need my heart

When they started to think about what could have been. Let me just cry my eyes out.

*nods appreciatively*

The books hype up Gryffindor to no end. Gryffindor isn't the golden house because it's made up of humans and human beings have a knack of choosing precisely what's the worse for them

Community Post: 19 Times Tumblr Understood What It Meant To Be In Ravenclaw

19 Times Tumblr Nailed What It Was Like To Be In Ravenclaw

My heart BREAKS from this because LUPIN is my FAVE character!

Not true. JK has stressed that not even her husband knew about the plots. In fact she said she chose to keep Arthur alive in order to keep Ron immature and happy-go-lucky and serve as humour relief for the Trio.

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Haha love these

Apparently the director of that movie wanted them to have long hair for some odd reason I don't remember the rest haha my memory