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Narwhal narwhal swimming in the ocean causing a commotion cuz they are so awesome

visit a black sand beach

Visit a Black Sand Beach / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die maybe in Iceland ❤️

a bucket list for girls

Visit Switzerland / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die /

That would be cool.

Summer Bucket List night swimming, or better yet.

Bucket list: visit the cayman islands

Vacation in waterfront vacation homes and private villas for rent, weekly in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands with concierge service through WIMCO Villas.

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Cage Dive With Great White Sharks

Visit the statue of liberty whilst touring America ...

Inspiring picture america, before i die, bucket list, eeuu. Find the picture to your taste!

Try to watch every one I hear about.  Some of my best memories are of skywatching.

Love watching this on my trampoline Done :)

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Haven't yet properly visited a real castle! Had dinner in ruins of a castle in Germany and got to see outside Edinburgh castle because it had just closed. This time around will see inside one!

The one place I have always wanted to visit

A place that I have always wanted to visit

Have to go here!!

visit the hidden beach at Marieta island. Wow I wanna go here

Bucket list

Be in a snowy London; I have always dreamt of and desired this.

have a nice romantic date by myself, maybe get eaten by a shark while i'm out there

Romantic date idea: swim under the stars

Need to do!!!! So bad!!!!

this is a bucket list for girls. I only want to do some of these so I'll add those to my list later

Step foot on Antartica

Step Foot on Antarctica / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die

a bucket list for girls

When my family and I went on a Disney Cruise starting in Florida, it took us to the Bahamas and we got off there for like the whole day. It was SO much fun!