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Ketterästi pinoutuva kenkäteline, jossa kaksi kerrosta ja pahemman kenkäkuumeen yllättäessä kerroksia voi jatkaa. Kenkätelineen voi laittaa kumminpäin tahansa lattialle. Paketissa 2 kpl telineitä, joiden leveys on 81,25 cm, syvyys 22,75 cm ja korkeus 23 cm. Rungot ovat metallia ja telineet helposti siistinä pidettävää vinyyliä.  Design by Jodan Murphy
Love the airy, bright but warm feeL of the open plan colours of white, pale grey marble work tops, sodden floor, light walls.
Mermaid Crochet Tail Blanket Free Patterns | The WHOot
I really like the tiling on the far left. The contrast between the colors is really interesting. Plus that brown color is kind of the same as wood, so you still get that warm feeling like hardwood without all the maintenance.
Crock Pot Vegetable Lentil Soup Recipe - This warm and comforting veggie lentil soup is vegan, delicious, and so easy to prepare using your slow cooker. This is a fantastic plant-based meal that will warm your belly and leave you feeling satisfied.
Inspiration by Drift Salon. Row of wilmington stylist stations, with the Avant Styling Chairs.  Mats and stylist rolling stool all provided by Minerva Beauty.  Together they give our salon the beachy warm feeling that helps our guests feel more at home. In the background you can see the Vantage ultra backwash system also by Minerva, which we have had more than one guest fall alseep in.  #minervasalon2015 #driftsalon @bloomdotcom
"Warm Feelings" (2011) by  Vladimir Volegov. The unconditional love and purrs that fill one's heart in a meaningful way in which nothing can compare...
Yellow and gray living room
Printed Brown Button Up Sweater This sweater is in very good condition. The pattern is very cute and warm feeling that is perfect dor the fall and winter! Feel free to ask questions, make an offer, or add to a bundle for a discounted price! Sonoma Sweaters Cardigans
Not happy. Not sad. Just empty. via (http://ift.tt/2tWlnG4)