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This is so true! #cancer I've always hated missing a day of work. I never miss unless I really have to.

I would continue to go to school while sick simply from the anxiety of missing schoolwork

I feel as a Libra the talk shit, on occasion, can be true, but the lie Iieing one is so true and has actually become a bad habit because no one has ever tried to stop me because no one ever knows I'm lieing.

Gosh I totally see all of this. Especially   Pisces (because that's mine and that is how I act)

Virgo/ Libra cusp w/ Aries in my chart a long w/ Scorpio, libra and Virgo once again. Pretty interesting and complicated chart!

Signs as skies

I like mine scorpio

Libra... This is so true, but I would also want to explore :)

I'm a major foodie. I love to see how the cultures differ from country to country