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It's so hard to take his serious look actually seriously when he has that hat on.

She also loves Doctor Who ! Why she likes me ? The answer is in the GIF. O.K...I suppose she likes me cause I'm funny ? No ? I give up.

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Rule The Doctor Lies. He was probably gone for a really long time, going through very pensive or introspective experiences, but knew it was only 12 seconds for her.

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Takes on a whole new meaning now.

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XD This is very funny! Perfect Doctor Who 'moments' <<< Poor Mickey

Out of the dr.who episodes I've seen.. (2). This was my favorite xD«««Haven't watched yet but I'm dying to, only 20 episodes till this one

who episodes I've seen. This was my favorite xD«««Haven't watched yet but I'm dying to, only 20 episodes till this one>>>>

Agreed. I love their faces tho. Jack is mildly amused, the doctor is obviously pleased with himself, and Rose is like please kill me now.

Jack's just like "Are you freaking kidding me, Doctor?" but Rose is like, "They would be terrible last words.

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River Song: Pretty Boy, with me I said.// The Doctor: Oh, I'm Pretty Boy? Oh, that came out a bit quick.// The Doctor: Pretty?

Doctor Oswald. But you can call me Clara.<< She did this to make the Doctor mad.

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too cute

david tennant cuddling a kitten. Your argument is invalid

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12 trolling 10 and Donna<< haha oh gods

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Doctor Who

I'm American an watch DW. No regrets.

Burn a fez?? Are you Satan?!?!

Eeeeeee yes matt XD

Allons-y AWAY!!!!

Allons-y AWAY!!!!

Best gif ever!

Sometimes I get the feeling Twelve forgets he isn't Eleven anymore.

Poor Twelve is still adjusting. <- That would explain it